About Doc’s

doc1At Doc’s Bail Bonds our caring and experienced bail bond agents work hard to get your loved one out of jail and home as soon as possible. Here at Doc’s Bail Bonds, we know how difficult it is to have a loved one in jail, and we know that even though your loved one may have legal problems, they still have a life to live, a job to go to and a family to take care of and be a part of.

Jerry Kell

Doc’s first opened its doors in McKinney in 1991 and was started by Jerry Wynn “Doc” Dillard. From the very beginning, Doc made sure he and his staff put their attention to the customer’s needs and service like they would want to be served.  Shortly after we opened our first bail bond location in McKinney, we opened our second in Dallas.  From there, it just took off with us opening in Denton, Grayson, and Fannin and next, Waxahachie.  It was our personalized service and our philosophy of “treating others like we wanted to be treated” that made things happen.  We were and still are super conscientious, and clients remember that, not just for themselves but also for their friends and family in need.  

Why Choose Doc’s?

Doc’s is on top of everything and every bond, from the time people call us until they have finished their case and everything in between.  Doc’s is very thorough. We are very friendly too. There is no whining or complaining around here. The first step to going the right direction in life is beginning with a positive foot forward.  We believe that to be a great bail bonds company you need to pay really close attention to detail, our bondsman need to always maintain their professionalism and dedication to customer service. This approach has resulted in steady growth with the eventual result being 9 locations in the North Texas area. 

When people think about Doc’s bail bonds, or any bond or bonding company, they think about Dog the Bounty Hunter, the guy who can’t even get a private investigator’s license in Texas.  He’s even spent time in our jails, which is a blemish to all bail bondsmen and honestly it is offensive to us bail bondsmen and women. We are more professional than that, and want to show people that getting bonded is not a horrible experience, and you don’t have to deal with people like “Dog the Bounty Hunter.” We understand people are upset and embarrassed because they may have never been in trouble before. We try to make a smooth transition for people from jail to freedom.

We never close which means we’re here 24/7/365 to make things better for you and your family as soon as possible, and we’ve been doing just that since 1991.

It starts with just a phone call or a visit to one of our 9 locations where our bondsmen can answer all of the questions you might have about bond and bail.

We now have 9 locations to serve you

Doc’s has offices in Dallas, McKinney, Garland, Sherman, Denton, Bonham, Waxahachie and Hillsboro, and actively serve clients in all of Dallas, Collin, Grayson, Denton, Fannin, Ellis and Hill Counties.

While we focus our bonding in north Texas, we can actually help get your loved one out of jail anywhere in Texas or the United States, and we can access immediate bail information anywhere in the country.

Don’t be taken advantage of by less reputable bondsmen as a professional bondsman is less expensive in the beginning and throughout your ordeal; we don’t have hidden fees or contracts you can’t understand, plus we never do a “bait and switch”, telling you one price on the phone and then another when you get to our bail bonding offices.