Q & A with Doc’s

mckinney bail bonds office
Galyn and Patricia

We asked our staff if they would mind being interviewed and one of our employees quickly volunteered, as she so often does.

Here is an interview with one of our favorite staff members Galyn.

Q: How long have you been with Doc’s Bail Bonds and what do you do for them?

A:  I’ve been with Doc’s Bail Bonds for six years.  I’m a project manager and an administrative assistant in the criminal and civil area for Doc’s, and I work in marketing and also Accounts payable/receivable.

Q: How long has Doc’s been up and running?

A: Doc’s first opened its doors in McKinney in 1991.

Q:   How did it expand from there?

A: Shortly after we opened our first bail bond location in McKinney, we opened our second in Dallas.  From there, it just took off with us opening in Grayson, then Fannin and next, Waxahachie.  It was our personalized service and our philosophy of “treating others like we wanted to be treated” that made things happen.  We were and still are super conscientious, and clients remember that, not just for themselves but also for their friends and family in need.

Q: What are the most common clients you serve and the most common bond?

A: People get accused and arrested for all kinds of crimes; we see it all.  The most common charges we see are DWI/DUI, drug possession, trespassing, domestic abuse, violations of no contact orders, parole violations and revocations, burglary, shoplifting and theft.  We write bonds for misdemeanors, felonies as well as federal bonds.

Q: Apart from bonds, what other services do you provide?

A: We provide advice about all kinds of bonds and also have a notary service at every location available during the day.

Q: What makes Doc’s different from other bonds?

A: Doc’s is on top of everything and every bond, from the time people call us until they have finished their case and everything in between.  Doc’s is very thorough.

Q: What are the most common misconceptions people think about bonds?

A: When people think about Doc’s bail bonds, or any bond or bonding company, they think about Dog the Bounty Hunter who can’t even get a private investigator’s license in Texas.  He’s even spent time in our jails, which is a blemish to all bail bondsmen and offensive to us. We are more professional than that, and want to show people that getting bonded is not a horrible experience, and you don’t have to deal with people like Dog the Bounty Hunter. We understand people are upset and embarrassed because they may have never been in trouble before. We try to make a smooth transition for people from jail to freedom.

Q: What does the bail bond process like at Doc’s?

A:  1)  Let’s say you get arrested for a charge. One of the silliest charges people get arrested for is the destruction of a road fixture. It’s an offense where you accidentally run your vehicle into a telephone pole or a sign.  You can be arrested and go to jail on that charge.  Well of course your mother, father or friend will call Doc’s in order to get a bond. It’s a class B misdemeanor and the bond for this is normally $500 to $750.  We let them know they need to come up to our office to cosign the bond because every bond needs a cosigner in addition to the person arrested.

2)  The cosigner must be over 21, employed, not on bond or probation, and living in their residence for a at least a year which shows stability.  They also need to have and bring their driver’s license to ensure that the accused has a ride to and from court. Generally on a Class B misdemeanor we charge $150 dollars that is paid by the cosigner.

3)  The cosigner comes to the office, fills out and signs the paperwork, and pays us the $150. We give her the bond, she goes to the jail, pays the posting fee of $15 and the accused is released.

4)  The bonded person is then brought to our office so we can get their information, and we let them know that they need to check in with us by phone on a weekly basis which takes only about 30 seconds.  We let the bonded person know how to find out about their court date, and we remind them when they call in, to check on it which they’ll do until the court case is done. We’ll also give the bonded person a courtesy call when they get a court date, but it is the bonded person’s  responsibility to know their court date, and to be there on time.

5)  When the court case is resolved, we’ll with them well, and then we’ll receive our money back from the county.   You don’t receive your original charge back of $150, as that’s our fee.

Q: What do you charge for bonds?

A: Our minimum fee is about $125 and that would be for a bond of around $350.  As mentioned, the fee on a $500 is $150, for a $750 bond it’s around $175.  We don’t charge as a percentage until the bond  gets up into the thousands.  For example, the fee on a $4,000 bond is usually $400 for a first time offender.  For someone who has been arrested a number of times, the fees are higher.  If they’ve had a bond forfeiture in the past or have other risk factors, the prices go up.  Each bond is different and carries different risks, so the prices can vary.

Q: Is Doc’s licensed?

A: Yes.  We are a licensed bail bond company and take pride in keeping up with the laws.  As you know the law is a living thing and it changes continuously, and laws and compliance with bonds is no different.

Q: How quickly can you get people out of jail?

A:  It’s like going to the DMV or the post office; if the jail is busy, things take longer.  If it’s after hours and the jail isn’t busy the accused could be released in 45 minutes to an hour.

Q: What professional organizations does Doc’s belong to?

A: Doc’s Bail Bonds is a member of the Professional Bondsmen of Texas, the Professional Bail Agents of the United States and is an active and “Trusted Business” of the ExpertBail Network.

Thank you so much for your time. We hope you learned more about our bonding company!