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Doc’s Bail Bonds proudly serves the City of Bonham and all of Fannin County, including Bailey, Ector, Honey Grove, Leonard, Ravenna, Savoy, & parts of Trenton. Our Bonham location is conveniently located less than ten minutes from the Fannin County Jail.

If you or someone you know has been arrested in Fannin County, Doc’s is here to help! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you get back to your life and your family as quickly as possible. There are no credit checks and financing is available. Please note that this location offers bail by appointment only!

The City of Bonham

Bonham is a small city of about 11,000 people located in far North Texas, near the Texas-Oklahoma border. It is one of the oldest cities in Texas. Bonham started out as a single-building blockhouse named Fort Inglish in 1837. It was later renamed in honor of James Butler Bonham, a defender of the Alamo.

Bonham is the hometown of Samuel Rayburn, the longest-serving US Speaker of the House. His home is now a historical site in Bonham where visitors can learn about his life, and the city has a library and museum dedicated to his legacy.

Residents love Bonham’s small-town charm and proximity to nature. The city is surrounded by Bonham State Park, Coffee Mill Lake, and Lake Texoma.


Crime in Bonham

The crime rate in Bonham is about average when compared to its neighboring cities, which is to say, it’s not very high. In 2017, Bonham reported only 26 violent crimes, including robberies and assaults. The vast majority of crime is theft of property, followed by burglary and auto theft. In the most recent annual statistics, Bonham had a total of 196 crimes of all kinds. This is much lower than the US city average of 349 per year.

As you can imagine, the police in Bonham want to keep their community safe and peaceful, so they are always on the lookout for suspicious activity. Troublemakers are arrested and taken to jail to await a court hearing, or to wait until they can be bailed out. Don’t waste your time sitting in a jail cell! Call Doc’s as soon as possible so that you can put this situation behind you and get on with your life.

Jails in Bonham

If you’ve been charged with a class C or lower misdemeanor, you will most likely be sent to the Bonham Police Station for booking, then transferred to the Fannin County Jail. This can be a scary, confusing process. That’s why we are here for you 24/7. We know how to find your location or the location of your loved one, follow updates about court hearings, and pay the bail amount quickly to get your life back to normal. If you don’t have cash to secure a bond, we do accept collateral. Just tell us your situation, and we will work with you!

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We know that sometimes bad things happen to good people, and we never judge our clients because of an arrest. This is a situation that is filled with uncertainty, and we go the extra mile to make sure you and your family get the respect and prompt service you deserve. Our friendly & knowledgeable staff is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are no credit checks, collateral is accepted as cash and financing is available. Our office is located just ten minutes from the Fannin County Jail, and free parking is always available for your convenience. Hablamos Español!

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