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What does the bail bond and check in process Look like at Doc’s?


Let’s say you get arrested for a charge. One of the silliest charges people get arrested for is the destruction of a road fixture. It’s an offense if you accidentally run your vehicle into a telephone pole or a sign.  You can be arrested and go to jail on that charge.  Well, of course your mother, father, or friend will call Doc’s in order to get a bond. It’s a class B misdemeanor and the bond for this is normally $500 to $750.  We let will them know they need to come up to our office to co-sign the bond, because every bond needs a co-signer in addition to the person arrested.

The co-signer must be over 21, employed, not on bond or probation, and living in their residence for a at least a year which shows stability. They also need to bring their driver’s license, to ensure that the accused has a ride to and from court. Generally, on a Class B misdemeanor, we charge $150 dollars, that is paid by the co-signer.

The co-signer comes to the office, fills out and signs the paperwork, and pays us the $150. We give her the bond, she goes to the jail, pays the posting fee of $15 and the accused is released.

The bonded person is then brought to our office so we can get their information, and we let them know that they need to check in with us by phone on a weekly basis which takes only about 30 seconds. We let the bonded person know how to find out about their court date, and we remind them when they call in, to check on it, which they’ll do until the court case is done. We’ll also give the bonded person a courtesy call when they get a court date, but it is the bonded person’s responsibility to know their court date, and to be there on time.

When the court case is resolved, we’ll wish them well. We will receive our money back from the county. The $150 paid by the co-signer to secure your release, is our fee.

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