No importa la razón ni su estado legal- si le han encarcelado, le sacamos lo pronto posible. Nuestro agente de fianzas le ayudará en la manera más rápida, eficiente y respetuoso posible. Llámenos pronto para que les ayudemos a usted y a sus seres queridos.

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Doc’s Fianzas Personal que habla español



Bail Bonds Expert

Trisha is a real problem solver. She have been at Doc’s for a long time. In the bail bond business time is of the essence and her honesty and experience really count. She is fluent in Spanish and from the minute you walk in she has your back!

Marie Belle

Marie Belle

Bail Bondswoman

Doc’s prides itself for having the most experienced licensed bail bondsmen and women. Who wants to make a difficult situation even worse with a bond staff that can’t get the job done fast. There is no whining at Doc’s unless you ask certain staff members for photos! cough cough.



Bonds Woman

Gloria is muchas gracias for the opportunity to help DFW defendants get on the right foot to freedom. She was a very fast learner many years ago when she began her career at Doc’s Dallas office. When she is not reminding clients of court dates or running a bond, she secretly spends some of her “work” creating Wanted Posters to post up.