Dallas County Jail Lookup & Warrant Search

 Dallas County Jail Inmate Search Tool

If you haven’t heard from a loved one in a while we suggest you check the Dallas County Jail Lookup System to verify if they have been booked and what their current status with in the jail is.


Dallas County Jail Inmate Search Tool 

Dallas County Wanted and Delinquent Offender Search Service (Warrant Search)

If you think that you or a loved one may possible have a warrant within Dallas County the link below connects you with the Dallas County Wanted And Delinquent Offender Search Service to help your verify if you have an active warrant. If you find out there is in fact a warrant out for your arrest it can work in your favor to turn yourself in to local law enforcement, by showing them you are less of a risk for not showing up to future court dates it can help in reducing the total amount set by the courts for you bail bond and therefore potentially saving you a large amount of money.

Dallas County Wanted And Delinquent Offender Search Service

Dallas County Case Lookup

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