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People who get arrested in Collin County are either taken to jail in the city where they were arrested or sent to the Collin County Jail. City jails and county jails are no place to spend your time. The longer you stay in custody, the higher your chances of being victimized, missing work, and wasting time that could have been spent with your friends and loved ones. Don’t languish in jail any longer than absolutely necessary! Call Doc’s Bail Bonds in Collin County to get out of jail and get on with your life.

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Collin County Jail is a direct-supervision facility. These jails were designed with a central common area with tables and chairs where inmates can congregate. Prison guards and jail cells look down on the common room to keep an eye on the prisoners and stop disagreements before they escalate. This layout is one of the ways Collin County Jail has been built for the modern era. Unfortunately, jail and inmate information aren’t always easy to find. Here is a guide to Collin County Jail, its visitation schedule, and how to contact jail personnel.

About Collin County Jail

The Collin County Jail is located off of Community Drive in McKinney. It was built with a specific purpose in mind: to serve as a direct-supervision facility that allows guards to constantly monitor the inmates instead of trying to control them through intermittent surveillance and security barriers. The jail hasn’t been fully built yet; it currently houses about 536 inmates but will be able to house 1,600 upon its completion.

The jail is located in a complex that also houses the Collin County Sheriff’s Office and the Fire Marshal’s Office, just across a field from the Collin County Juvenile Court and Juvenile Detention Facility. It also houses the Central Plant, a 25,503 square foot facility which powers the entire complex and other systems throughout Collin County. The plant’s emergency generation system produces enough energy to power the whole site on its own and can also be used to help offset energy reductions during peak demand times.

Visitation at Collin County Jail

Visitation at the jail depends on the inmate’s pod and cell numbers. Because times are subject to change without notice, we recommend you look at the official visitation schedule.

All visitors must arrive 20 minutes before the scheduled visitation time. All visits are limited to 25 minutes. Five additional minutes are added for walking time to cluster.

Visitors must abide by all the rules set forth by Collin County Jail. This includes presenting a valid photo ID at each visit, dressing and acting appropriately, and not bringing prohibited items into the jail. More information can be found on the Collin County Sheriff’s Department website. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to call Doc’s Bail Bonds or the jail.

Jail Contact Information

Collin County Jail
4300 Community Ave.
McKinney, Texas 75071

Fast and Affordable Bail Bonds in Collin County

If you or a loved one ends up in Collin County Jail, you need an experienced bail bond company to get you out quick. At Doc’s, we treat our clients like family. We never judge you for your arrest or the charges leveled against you. We just put up the money to get you out so that you can regain your freedom, get legal representation, and get back to your loved ones.

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Collin County Detention Center

The Detention Center can house 1,600 inmates potentially, but presently have the capability to house 536 inmates.

Visiting hours at the jail facility is determined by cell number and a schedule.

Visitation Schedule Can be Found Here:

All visitors must arrive 20 minutes before scheduled visitation time. All visits are 25 minutes. Five additional minutes are added for walking time to Cluster.

Visitors will not be authorized to sign up for more than one hour before visitation.

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