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The city of Allen is a northern suburb of Dallas, located in North Texas. It’s a beautiful city consisting of many schools and residential communities. While Allen is considered a safe city, many individuals are still arrested for various crimes committed in the city.

The city of Allen is one of only three cities in Collin County that has a jail for prisoners guilty of committing class C misdemeanors. The Allen municipal court is the adjudicating authority for fines-only offenses committed within its jurisdiction. Arrests and charges above a class C misdemeanor are transferred to the Collin County jail, located at:

Collin County Jail: 4300 Community Ave, McKinney, TX

If the Allen court and police have jurisdiction over the offense, you have to post bail with the policy authorities in the city to free your loved one. Doc’s Bail Bonds serves all of Allen, including the Allen city police jail and any transfers to Collin County jail.

Bond Service Coverage For the Allen City Jail

If your friend, relative, or loved one has been arrested for a class A or Class B misdemeanor offense (or higher), they will be transferred to the Collin County jail. Located in McKinney, Collin County jail is the only jail in the county for any offenses other than class C misdemeanors. In this case, you will have to complete the formalities at the Collin County jail.

You just need to contact Doc’s Bail Bonds in McKinney. We are located within five minutes of the Collin County jail, and will immediately help you post bail at the earliest time possible. While the booking process may take a while, we don’t waste any time posting bail and getting people out of jail.

The authorities may take their own sweet time following their procedures when transferring your family member or loved one to jail. However, regardless of your location, it is your duty and obligation to take immediate steps to free your loved one at the earliest. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you were present at the County jail ready with the bail bond even before the authorities finished the transfer procedures? 

Doc’s Bail Bonds can make that happen. We offer many different kinds of bonds, from bail bonds for drug or DUI charges to charges for probation violations. We understand the importance of freeing your loved one at the earliest time possible. That’s why we offer assistance via phone, fax, and email. Our office is always open, and our Allen bail bond agents are always on standby.

We’re available 24/7 so your friend or family member doesn’t have to stay in jail for even a second longer than necessary.

The Allen City Police Department Jail is located at Allen Police Department Headquarters

The City of Allen provides information for:

Below are the details of the jail, police department, and municipal court in the city of Allen and nearby towns and cities:

Collin County Jail

(972) 547-5200

For the Collin County jail visitation rules, click here.

Sheriff’s Office

(972) 547-5100

City of Allen Law Enforcement Contact Info

APD Front Desk: (214) 509-4200

Detention Center Book-In Desk: (214) 509-4369

Municipal Court

Phone: (214) 509-4380

Fax: (214) 509-4389

Police Department
Municipal Court

Municipal Court
Police Department


Municipal Court
Police Department

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