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Situated primarily in Denton with a small foot in Tarrant County, Flower Mound is a town of over 60,000. With local quirks like the massive mound from which the town derives its name, the community boasts a family-friendly atmosphere and a convenient location due to its close proximity to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

If you have a family member or someone you know in Flower Mound, TX. Jail, then they have been taken to 2121 Cross Timbers Rd., Flower Mound, Texas. This is the same address as the Flower Mound Police Department.

Flower Mound Jail Information:

As a city, Flower Mound promotes transparency with residents.  City of Flower Mound Jail phone number:  (972) 539-0525.  City of Flower Mound Police Department phone number:   (972) 539-0525

Do you have a friend or loved one who is in jail right now?

Negotiating a release from jail after getting arrested is a stressful, disruptive, and confusing process. Even though you or your loved one may be facing charges, life outside of the legal system doesn’t end. Is it possible to cover your bail without sacrificing your monthly budget? Can bail be posted in time for work?

Doc’s Bail Bonds specializes in securing bail bonds Flower Mound residents can rely on at all times.

Why Doc’s Bail Bonds?

Affordable Jail Release Options

Nobody plans to go to jail at the start of the month and bail is the type of unforeseeable expense that can decimate a monthly budget. The financial losses that come with staying in jail to avoid bail are another headache. To those who are going it alone, these decisions can feel like a catch-22. Doc’s Bail Bonds offers financing options without credit checks. When you’ve got bills to pay and a family that depends on you, this service could be the difference between reclaiming your life quickly and feeling a greater financial strain.

Local Knowledge of Flower Mound Bail Procedures

Although laws and ordinances often look the same on paper, every local outfit has its own culture and way of doing things. You deserve to work with professionals who know and understand your community. As a bail bondsman that services Flower Mound as well as the rest of Denton County, Doc’s Bail Bonds has the advantage of being local. We are familiar with not just the procedural aspects of jail release and bail, but also with how matters are handled in Flower Mound.

Doc’s Bail Bonds has been providing its unique combination of attentive service and bail bonds Flower Mound residents can count on since 1991. We pride ourselves on the fact that everyone who comes to us for help is our number one priority. Whether you’re looking for fax, phone, or bail by appointment, our staff members are there to assist you 24/7.

If your friend or loved one is in Flower Mound Jail, or any jail in northern Texas, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Doc’s Bail Bonds offers its services to all of Denton County including Carrollton, Denton, Lake Dallas, Krum, Pilot Point, Sanger, Corinth, Oak Point, Roanoke, Argyle, Lakewood Village, Bartonville, Double Oak, and Hackberry to name just a few.


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